Tiger Relic

The Holy Grail of custom guitars, the original Tiger is certainly one of the most intricate and ornate instruments every built.  Its details and design make it almost entirely cost-prohibitive to recreate–and understandably so. Unfortunately there is no other way to recreate this instrument than by hand. And thankfully, at that.

Many other builders economize the process by using the least expensive materials, substituting real mother-of-pearl inlay with stickers or laser cut pearl veneers under the finish, etc. In my shop all of the inlays are cut and inlaid by hand, and every other facet is done entirely the way it was in the 1970s–no CNC, no shortcuts, no stickers under the finish.

To get the details just exactly perfect it takes time and money.

If you are interested in a true replica that cuts zero corners–which is the only way to make it look right–please call to inquire.

The details are far too many to list.

Up to $14k, all-in